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Every product fulfils the highest demands to quality

With the manufacturing of high-quality sausage products we have taken on large responsibility. This is the foundation for our approach to quality.

Eggelbusch crtificationsQuality already begins with the selection of our ingredients. The very first building block in an extensive quality management system is the careful selection of high-quality, safe and impeccable raw materials.


Quality with concept

The highest degree of safety is guaranteed by predefined processes that are continuously controlled. In the course of this, the HACCP – concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points-concept), which has been aligned to our manufacturing process and is tested again every year, is utilized.

Our aim remains: healthy and safe foods for our consumers. The quality of our sausage and meat products serves this aim.  For this reason our quality management is regularly verified by neutral control institutes and complies with the requirements of both international und national standards.

Our employees are qualified

In addition to this, quality can only be obtained by ensuring the conscientious cooperation of all of our employees. For this reason management views one of its principal tasks to be that of permanently promoting the quality awareness of the employees.

You place your trust in us – we control and verify

You display your trust in us by means of the long-standing customer relationships. This pleases us, but although trust is a good thing, controlling and verifying is even better. For this reason we carry out our quality controls in accordance with a strict concept. The manufacture of our sausage and meat products in all product segments, ranging from raw sausage, cooked sausage right up to scalded sausage and cured products is strictly controlled.

Sensitized consumers justly expect the very highest degree of product safety. Eggelbusch protects the consumers’ health by means of a closely-knit mesh of quality assurance measures.

Certifications performed in accordance with German and international guidelines

At the centre of these are the HACCP-guidelines regarding hygiene requirements. Since 1995 we have been working with a company-specific HACCP-concept.

The cooperation with a variety of different retail chains has led Eggelbusch to obtain additional certifications in accordance with the norms of the British Retail Consortiums (BRC), quality assurance (QS) and International Food Standard (IFS). Apart from this the separate manufacture of Halal products was certified by the Islamic Institute Halal-Certification-Germany (HCG).

Regardless, the installation of quality management systems alone is not sufficient. It is also decidedly important that the principles are lived every day. Our quality-management officers ensure that all measures are put into practice and are continuously developed to suit changing needs.

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QS certificate (PDF)

BRC certificate (PDF)

IFS certificate (PDF)

BIO certificate (PDF)

HCG Halâl certificate (PDF)

SGS Halâl certificate (PDF)