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Eggelbusch - honest, open and Wesphalian

Eggelbusch traditionally honours Westphalian handcraft. Counting to the ingredients of our success is the continuous innovation in manufacturing and the expansion of our range of products.  

The smoky-aromatic dry sausage from Westphalia – Eggelbusch is a part of this culinary tradition. Our company dates back to the 1930s. Way back then the brothers Bernhard and Heinrich Eggelbusch started manufacturing dry sausage.

In more than 70 years, quite a number of inimitable house recipes for sausage specialities were developed, which have been passed on from generation to generation as closely-guarded secrets.

Regardless, tradition alone is not enough and would result in stagnation. We are continually improving our products, in addition to adapting our house recipes to cater for changes in the eating habits of consumers. What this means for the consumers: excellent flavour, little fat and foods that are easily digestible.

Consistently reliable

Since the year 2000 the meat product manufacturing plant in Eggelbusch has been managed by the owners, now in the third generation. Under the new management, we are also continually expanding our production capacity, step by step, since our trade partners’ acceptance of our Eggelbusch-sausage products is steadily growing.

As entrepreneurs we know that our trade partners need reliable manufacturers. We personally vouch for the quality and safety of our products.

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