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Eggelbusch - honest, open and Westphalian

For a long time now Eggelbusch has been living by its corporate guidelines and corporate responsibility. Those guidelines are what drive our trade. The decisions of our internationally active and at the same time regionally rooted company arenot only determined by guidelines, but also by traditionally tried and tested as well as continuously further-developed principles and procedures.

In order to guarantee this high quality and safety standard, management is in permanent dialogue with its employees, customers, suppliers and the responsible authorities as well as interested members of the public.

Qualitative responsibility

  1. Eggelbusch only uses high-quality raw materials that comply with strict quality criteria and which originate from carefully selected and audited suppliers.
  2. In the course of product development, a variety of different product tests and trials as well as packaging tests are conducted. Sensoric-testing tests are carried out to establish whether the products will be able to comply with the high demands placed on them.
  3. Production processes are audited at appropriate control points to ensure that the high quality and safety demands are complied with.

Social responsibility

  1. At Eggelbusch our commitment regarding social matters always ensues in a targeted and individual manner. Various regional establishments are supported by means of money donations as well as donations in kind. In addition to this, also international projects that Eggelbusch is involved in are realised. An example of this would be that the employees of Eggelbusch are involved in providing packages for a food aid convey for orphans in Romania and the Ukraine.
  2. Offers regarding social benefits and pension-plan provisions as well as continued employee-qualification emphasizes the responsible human resources work at Eggelbusch.

Ecological Responsibility

  1. Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1.
  2. New technologies and procedures are applied in order to conserve resources and avoid failures which are hazardous for the environment.
  3. The manufacture and marketing of our products is carried out at a high quality level in processes that are both ecological and economical. This ensures the largest possible protection of the environment.
  4. As a basic principle, the conscious alignment of own interests with those of the environment are considered.
  5. The consideration of the environmental protection attitude is already incorporated in the product development phase.
  6. Sensitization of employees with regard to environmental and occupational safety is guaranteed by the appropriate apprenticeship and in-house training.

Furthermore Eggelbusch seeks ways to continuously improve the company’s
energy-related performance by adhering to the following commitments:

  1. Commitment to ensure the availability of information
  2. Commitment to provide the necessary resources to achieve strategic and operational objectives
  3. Commitment to comply with current and future requirements relating to energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency
  4. Commitment to support the improvement of energy-related services by the purchase of energy efficient products and services

Economic Responsibility

  1. High standards ensure compliance with the special promise of quality made by Eggelbusch. In doing so, the company’s value is sustainably assured.
  2. Intensive investments and the re-investment of income emphasise the importance of sustainable economic development at Eggelbusch.
  3. The long-term orientation also becomes clear when considering the increasing international activities. We have a future-oriented approach and the requisite infrastructure is being created.
  4. As a manufacturer, Eggelbusch does not remain anonymous but is also a competent point of contact for consumers. Information printed on every product packaging provides the option of directly contacting Eggelbusch and obtaining information there.

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